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The National Library and Archives is one of the three entities under the Ministry of Education operating under its own Act.

The Office of Libraries and Archives is committed to building stronger communities and a vibrant economy by improving access to quality information and enriching teaching and learning in schools through the provision and storage of quality books and records.

Office of the Director General

I am pleased to say that during my term as the Director General of the Office of Libraries and Archives a lot of changes for the better has been achieved for the efficient delivery of Library and Archives services in Papua New Guinea.

OLA was established by an Act of Parliament in 1993. The Act established the Office of Libraries and Archives and made provisions for specific functions and responsibilities of the National Library and Archives Board, the Director General, the National Library Services and the National Archives and Public Records Services.

The plan paves the way for


  1. The establishment of public libraries and district libraries throughout Papua New Guinea,
  2. Creating partnerships with provincial governments, district development authorities & local level governments for the development of Library and Archives in provinces,
  3. The establishment of school libraries and working towards getting them functional by 2025.
  4. Ensuring there are teacher librarians in all schools throughout the country in order to maintain the sustainability and communication between the School Libraries, Public Libraries and the National Library in Waigani.
  5. Forging partnerships with National Libraries in other countries to establish culture corners that will provide much needed services to the Government.
  6. Establishing partnership with stakeholders and non-government organisations to further upgrade and restock the books on the shelves.
  7. Ensuring there is awareness & training conducted this year on the importance of maintaining Government Records basically to ensure that Government Departments comply to the Laws of Record Management Safe Keeping of Records. And
  8. Digitizing and managing Archives and Library services so that our records are accessible at the National and Provincial levels.


Our goal is to provide library and archival services to the general public through efficient structures, sound policies, effective processes and systems to enhance knowledge development for nation building.

Mr. Kakaito Kasi

Director General - OLA

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Office of the Director for Library

The main function of the Library Services Wing is to develop and maintain a national collection, library materials and other important documentation related to Papua New Guinea, its resources and history.

The library wing consists of three divisions, they are; Technical Services, Advisory Services and Reader Services. The core functions of the wing are to develop and maintain a national collection of library materials including a comprehensive collection of library materials relating to Papua New Guinea, its people and its resources and to maintain and preserve materials acquired by Legal Deposits under the National Library and Archives Act 1993.

Library Services is obligated to support the National Government’s focus on improving the overall quality of education throughout Papua New Guinea in improving reading and writing skills of all citizens. The knowledge gap in this country is bridged through the delivery of quality and adequate library and
information services.

The National Library Archives and Records Services 10-Year Strategic Plan (2016 – 2025) paves the way for library services to reach the people and calls for provincial and district library services to be revived and school libraries to be further improved.

We have been slowly but surely implementing our 10-Year Strategic Plan (2016 – 2025) by:

  1. Launching the Kamuti Mobile Library Services which is being piloted by providing library services to schools in the National Capital District.
  2. The setting up of electronic library services
  3. The re-opening of the Mary Kairu Warus Public Library in Hohola; and
  4. The signing of MOUs with 5 provinces to revive provincial library services, among others.

I welcome you to our website which will keep you up to date on the latest development and activities taking place in the National Library and throughout the country.

Mr. Robert Yalip
Director – Library Services

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Office of the Director for Archives

Archives and Records Services is charged with the preservation and documentation of government and historical records in PNG. It is tasked with increasing public access to these documents which make up the Archives and Records Services.

The core functions of the Wing are that we are responsible for the preservation of records of long-lasting value for Papua New Guinea and in addition as custodians we care and also take charge and or/control of the public records of the nation. We also play an advisory and educational role to government departments and statutory bodies in appraising records and recommending their permanent retention or destruction. For capacity building, government departments and statutory bodies records officers are trained in efficient archives and records management by Archives and Records Services Staff.

The Wing is promoting the establishment of Provincial Archives through our Lae Archives Branch as a means of increasing people’s access to archives and public records as information sources. It is responsible for handling archival collections and various formats of records such as photographs, maps in microfilm, microfiche and slides; Upon request we make them available for access by bona-fide (in-country and overseas) and departmental users. We are also responsible for repository management and lending of archival records.

Archives and Records Services Wing contains four divisions and six units/branches responsible for wide range of functions falling in the categories of Public Records Management Division; Records Center and Repository Division; Public Archives, Preservation, Storage and Access Division and Provincial Archives Services Division.

Mr. Chris Kelly Meti
Director - Archives & Records Services 
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Our Services

Readers Services Division

The Reader’s Services Division is responsible for the management of the various collections of the Library Services including the only public libraries services in the National Capital District.

Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division is responsible for activities and processes concerning acquisitions, organization and processing of library materials.

Library Advisory Service Division

The Library Advisory Service Division is responsible for providing technical advice and providing general library management assistance to the smaller libraries through trainings, workshops, attachment trainings and in-services.

Corporate Services And Administration

The corporate services divisions provide a supporting role to all internal division, stakeholders, development partners and other services in maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in the areas of administration and human Resource development.

Bibliographical Services

The Papua New Guinea National Bibliography is published biannually with an annual accumulation. It is a bibliography of monographs, serials, maps and audio-visual materials published in Papua New Guinea.


The function of this branch is to develop and maintain national collections of library materials, including a comprehensive collection of materials relating to Papua New Guinea.

Our special Team

Kakaito Kasi

Director General

Robert Yalip

Director Library Services

Chris Meti

Director Archives Services

Karina Bundu

Director Corporate Services

Magea Kila

Director Audits

Latest News

19/08/2021 / 01:06 PM

MPs Challenged to build Libraries In Electorates

The current status of education in the country is still a concern and local MPs have been challenged to build more libraries within their respective districts.
Director General of the Office of Library and Archives Kakaito kasi made this call last week.
"Every year, 112,000 grade eight students sit for exams and only 60000 move onto secondary schools and at the end of grade 10, out of the 60000 that sit for the exams, only 30000 continue on to Grade 11. At the end, between 7000 to 8000 students pass through to tertiary institutions while the rest find their way through FODE and other means. One of the contributing factors is that schools do not have enough resources such as a library.
"Many schools in the country do not have a library," he said.
He posed the challenge to Moresby Northeast MP John Kaupa and Member for Moresby Northwest Lohia Boe Samuel who were present at the reopening of the former Hohola Public library which is now known as Mary Kairu Warus.
"You both must put up district libraries for people to have access to them. In today's society, we are having issues with written communication and oral speeches as many people do not write and speak proper English.
"People must know the importance of reading because reading helps both our physical and mental health," Mr Kasi said.
Mr Samuel said in his short term, he will begin with setting up two mobile libraries in the form of buses to visit schools in his electorate.
When officiating the reopening and renaming of the Hohola Public library, Mr Samuel said we as Papua New Guineans must strive for legacy, something that we must leave behind for people to see and talk about.
"There are many unsung heroes who have done a lot at the background for the people and such a person is someone like late Mary.
"I am now a MP because of a library because when I was young, I used to spend time at the library at Ela Beach, borrow a book and read them. I challenge all to read more books and stay away from too much internet and mobile phone games and start visiting the library to seek knowledge and become a better person in the future," he said.
He urged children and adults as well to visit the library at Hohola.
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03/08/2021 / 11:05 AM

National Book Week Launched

Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro launched this year's National Book Week among a number of events, at the National Library and Archives in Port Moresby yesterday. Minister Uguro emphasized that it is a must that all schools across the country have libraries.
He said government is embarking on establishing school libraries and public libraries in all districts and provincial headquarters throughout the country.
Uguro said it is relevant that the public has access to reading materials too.
"It is the priority of the Marape-Basil Government to ensure that our libraries are accessible to our citizens and schools throughout the country.
"All schools must have school libraries, apart from the classroom, teachers houses and science labs. There must be a school library and it must be priority for our schools”, added Minister Uguro.
The Minister also launched the Office of the Library and Archives Corporate Plan 2021-2023, the reopening of the Hohola Public Library and the Kamuti Mobile Library.
The Kamuti Mobile Library is named after Francis Kamuti, the longest serving public servant with the National Library.
Kamuti served there for 45 years.
Source: Loop PNG 
By: Jemimah Sukbat 
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07/01/2021 / 03:00 PM

Handover Takeover of Education Minister

The office of Library and Archives has seen positive change in recent times, and this is all accorded to the former ministers of Education.

Director General of the Office of Library and Archives says he can now see the library and archives services trickling down to the provincial and district levels.

Source:  Loop PNG
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