Who we are

The Act
The National Library Service major functions are stipulated in the National Library and Archives Act 1993.
The Act established the Office of Libraries and Archives and made provisions in respect of specific functions and responsibilities of the Office and of the National Library Service and the National Archives and Public Records Services. The National Library Service is responsible for the development of library and information services nation-wide.

The History
The Library Institute Hall was opened by the Governor on November 1914 when the choral society presented an operetta with elaborate costumes and scenery…” Port Moresby, yesterday and today.
The concrete structure for the Library Institute Building was completed. Lt. Governor Hubert Murray became the patron of institute and donated 50 of his books.
Library Service was supported through the Cargnegie Library Service (Australia) to outlying commonwealth territories, including New Guinea, Northern territory, Alice Springs, Norfolk Islands and Nauru.
“Mr. EA James was a trustee and Vice President of the Port Moresby Library Institute. Libraries were established … by the Commonwealth at Samarai and Rabaul and circulation services to other areas.
“…the Post- -World war administration opened the new public library in the annex of the wartime officers club on Ela Beach. Library Services in Port Moresby had previously been maintained by private subscription, with the collection housed in the Library Institute building.
Library service scene in the country was dominated by academic libraries. The administrative college opened in 1967, the University of Papua New Guinea Library opened in 1969 and the University of Technology Library opened in 1972.
Public Libraries had 19 branches with three full time staff, several special libraries, mostly government departments and statutory bodies.
Discussions and plans to create a National Library Services for Papua New Guinea had reached the cabinet. Cabinet decision 11/75.
On 30th October 1978, the National Library Building was opened. The public library services, school library services, special libraries from the Department of Prime Minister and Department of decentralization and the film library of the Office of Information were transferred to the National Library Service. Also, the collection of Lt. Governor Hubert Murray’s donation of his fifty books to the Library Institute in 1962 which were moved to Ela Beach Public Library in 1946 formed the National Collection, currently known as the Papua New Guinea collection.