Office of the Director General

I am pleased to say that during my term as the Director General of the Office of Libraries and Archives a lot of changes for the better has been achieved for the efficient delivery of Library and Archives services in Papua New Guinea.

OLA was established by an Act of Parliament in 1993. The Act established the Office of Libraries and Archives and made provisions for specific functions and responsibilities of the National Library and Archives Board, the Director General, the National Library Services and the National Archives and Public Records Services.

The plan paves the way for


  1. The establishment of public libraries and district libraries throughout Papua New Guinea,
  2. Creating partnerships with provincial governments, district development authorities & local level governments for the development of Library and Archives in provinces,
  3. The establishment of school libraries and working towards getting them functional by 2025.
  4. Ensuring there are teacher librarians in all schools throughout the country in order to maintain the sustainability and communication between the School Libraries, Public Libraries and the National Library in Waigani.
  5. Forging partnerships with National Libraries in other countries to establish culture corners that will provide much needed services to the Government.
  6. Establishing partnership with stakeholders and non-government organisations to further upgrade and restock the books on the shelves.
  7. Ensuring there is awareness & training conducted this year on the importance of maintaining Government Records basically to ensure that Government Departments comply to the Laws of Record Management Safe Keeping of Records. And
  8. Digitizing and managing Archives and Library services so that our records are accessible at the National and Provincial levels.


Our goal is to provide library and archival services to the general public through efficient structures, sound policies, effective processes and systems to enhance knowledge development for nation building.

Mr. Kakaito Kasi

Director General - OLA